ZFS chsum mismatchの2


# zpool status -v
  pool: zroot
 state: ONLINE
status: One or more devices has experienced an unrecoverable error.  An
        attempt was made to correct the error.  Applications are unaffected.
action: Determine if the device needs to be replaced, and clear the errors
        using 'zpool clear' or replace the device with 'zpool replace'.
   see: http://www.sun.com/msg/ZFS-8000-9P
 scrub: scrub completed after 6h19m with 0 errors on Sat Dec  3 20:41:05 2011

        NAME                                            STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM
        zroot                                           ONLINE       0     0    24
          raidz1                                        ONLINE       0     0    58
            gptid/4a181563-f1ff-11e0-8357-00e04d212996  ONLINE       0     0    10  902K repaired
            gptid/4b1c2c6d-f1ff-11e0-8357-00e04d212996  ONLINE       0     0     5  512K repaired

errors: No known data errors